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I have always known I was meant to write, even when I was too young to know the word 'author'. When I learned that books were printed, I developed an interest in that as well. And I have always been a wanderer, at least in my mind. It's not the worst trait in an author. For more, read my writing; every author illuminates their heart and soul on the pages they write upon.

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Test Flight

"Ground Control, this is Tango-Fox-five-seven-eight, approaching outer radius of target area, over."

"Roger, Tango-Fox, you are approaching outer radius of target area, cleared to cross into the restricted zone while remaining in constant radio contact, over."

"Control, you betcha, I'll be in contact every second, I want this thing settled as much as you guys do. I'm three miles beyond the perimeter, and - what the hell!? Oh God, the sky's tearing open God help me Control I see flames I see stars I see angels..."

"Come in Tango-Fox, come in please, I've lost your signal, damnit, we've lost another one!"

Another try at a six sentence story. I hope I've left you wondering just what is in this restricted area.


diigo it


Blogger Cai... said...

"I see stars I see angels"...
great story.. it's amazing what a couple of sentences can do..
well done :D
c ya

May 25, 2007 12:53 PM  
Anonymous wolfbaby said...

ohhh this could be so many different things couldn't it;)

May 25, 2007 3:58 PM  
Blogger Jennifer said...

six sentence story?? I've never heard of
Left me wondering!

May 25, 2007 6:36 PM  
Blogger RomanceWriter said...

I was on the edge of my seat and couldn't figure out why the story ended there, till I saw it was a six sentence story. You did a lot with so few sentences.

June 11, 2007 5:07 PM  

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