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Sunday, June 21, 2009

In Memoriam: Neda Soltani

In Iran, a teenage girl stood watching the protests. She was not even taking part, simply peacefully watching with her father. The next moment, she was shot down and lay in the street, bloody, dying. Her name was Neda Soltani. The video of her death is a tragedy. What is even more tragic is that anyone calling themselves a cleric of any religion could support such murder.

The only thing the clerics of Iran may now do to show their religion is not one of murder and savagery is to strip themselves of everything - power, wealth, even possessions, and live in the gutter on the charity of strangers. Neda Soltani's blood cries out, accusing them, staining them with the crimson of murderers, vicious criminals who will lie, kill, oppress, anything to keep themselves in power.

How long must young girls such as Neda live at the mercy of such beasts? How long will the people of Iran permit such injustice among themselves. My heart bleeds for the people living in Iran, for, with the exception of a few savage, murderous monsters who lust after power, they have a horrible choice ahead. They may submit to the injustice, the cruelty, the snatching after power in the name of religion, the murder of innocent young girls, they may make themselves accomplices to all that - or they may face the guns and tanks of the monsters in power.

Make no mistake, such men do not surrender all the privileges they exploit to assuage their terrible lusts easily. They will fight, they will invoke their twisted image of God, they will lie. And the worst among the Iranian people, the bullies, the thugs, the criminals, those are the people who support such a regime because they grow fat and powerful under it. They will fight to preserve it. They will satisfy their own hunger for blood.

And the innocent people, the decent people, will suffer, no matter what they do. I hate that fact, I rage against it in my mind and with my words, and if I lived in Iran I would rage against it in protest. Yet all that rage cannot change the way the world is. When evil men cling to power, the innocent suffer. I can only think of poor Neda Soltani, suffering and frightened on the ground as she lay dying, and pray that she will not be forgotten, that her memory will rise up and smash the evil that grips Iran right now.

May everyone who looks upon the grim, hate twisted face of Iran's "President" see the blood of Neda Soltani that drips from his beard, staining it, thanks to his greedy gulping of power. May every appearance of the "Supreme Leader" with his smug ability to twist the truth, to distort the God he claims to worship into nothing but a pillar of his own power, reveal Neda's lifeblood dripping from his beard. May they choke on her blood, may it spill over and drown them, before the blood they shed drowns more of the innocent people they exploit.

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