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I have always known I was meant to write, even when I was too young to know the word 'author'. When I learned that books were printed, I developed an interest in that as well. And I have always been a wanderer, at least in my mind. It's not the worst trait in an author. For more, read my writing; every author illuminates their heart and soul on the pages they write upon.

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

A Quick Note

I'm sorry I've worried some of you, especially as you are clearly loyal readers if you're still coming back after this long. I have simply been dreadfully busy helping to deal with the remnants of Jim's life. Along the way, I've learned a few lessons I'll pass along to you, as soon as I get some rest.

Jim's apartment will be fully cleared out today, the final day of October, which will allow me a bit more rest after this. However, I'm battling exhaustion, my third case of bronchitis this year, and still have a few items to deliver within the next few days, as well as a lot of work absorbing the fraction of Jim's amazing book collection I brought home.

In fact, I'm currently typing with stacks of plastic "totes" full of books stacked behind me. Also, I have a novel burning to be written, and have signed up, in spite of the obvious folly of this, for NaNo 2007. So, I won't be posting any lessons for a few days at least, and I'm afraid November won't be a busy month for posts (except possibly for NaNo updates). Still, I do hope to manage a few posts next month, and to give the handful of loyal readers who still visit some explanation for my long silence.

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