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Friday, November 07, 2008

NaNo Diary: Day Six

Today's setback has a dual cause. I've already mentioned a crisis: I don't believe it would be wise to blog in detail about a situation that may be best handled quietly, but I will make one observation. Considering the awesome power the government holds over the lives of ordinary citizens, when they originally make a mistake, that mistake is called to their attention, and they correct it, it is ridiculous to think they could allow that same error to persist and prompt action which could potentially ruin someone's life, and which even if corrected has still caused so much stress and heartache. I am not even the person worst affected by this situation. So, in very large part, if I fail to finish NaNo successfully, it will be "thanks" to a careless bureaucrat who didn't care what harm their sloppiness might cause.

The really sad part is, while I doubt I'm doing it justice, I really like my idea. It has potential.

In addition, I learned a valuable lesson: either avoid writing a science fiction novel for NaNo, or figure out all the things you'll need details on ahead of time. Suddenly discovering I knew too little about space elevators and Dark Sky Stations or StratoStations left me scrambling to learn more. And more. And more. Where can they be sited? What are the geological, meterological, and political factors which might affect them? And so on, and so forth. Little writing, much research.

I really hope I can pull this off somehow. I am seriously thinking of trying to edit the finished novel for submission to a publisher. I know a lot of NaNo novels turn out junk. I know the ones that don't still require a lot of work, and I know this will need that work. But I actually think it might turn out to be an interesting book when I'm done. If I can manage to do it justice.

Today's Total: 108 words
Days Left: 24
Cumulative Total: 6,192 words
(3,811 words short of target)

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