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Monday, January 29, 2007

Rest In Peace, Barbaro

Normally, I don't follow horse racing at all. I'm too aware of the cruelties that are a part of it, the countless animals that suffer, in the name of "sport". I can't enjoy the thought of other creatures suffering. But I couldn't help hearing of Barbaro, his horrible injuries, and the strength and spirit he showed as he fought to live. I paid attention to that story; that was a race I wanted him to win.

Today, sadly, he lost his race. The horse that wanted to live so badly he showed a fight and spirit that amazed his veterinarian finally had enough suffering, and he gave up. I do credit his owner for doing what so many others wouldn't have considered and spending the money to give him the chance that he had, and for not forcing him to go on fighting once he was weary. But, most of all, I think of Barbaro, so young, so full of life, and yet forced to suffer so much.

May you rest in peace, Barbaro, free of suffering. Better yet, may you be free now to run through the meadows of Heaven, for your own joy, free to run where you will and wherever the wind may lead you. I will think of you there, and hope the taste of the sweet grasses of Heaven may make you forget all that went before.

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Blogger Susan Abraham said...

Here's to sharing your thoughts, WA. An eternal peace for Barbaro.

February 01, 2007 12:04 AM  

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