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Thursday, September 07, 2006

Brazilian Independence Day

Although I have since found at least some of the family legends were true, but that the family's speculations based on those legends were not, I have long celebrated Brazilian Independence Day. When I was younger, I believed it was possible that the man who made Brazil independent that day on the banks of the Rio Ypiranga, Dom Pedro I, was my ancestor.

That was more than enough reason to celebrate the anniversary of the day he swore: "By my blood, by my honour, and by my sword, I swear to set Brazil free!" From that day, 7 September 1822, he became Brazil's first Emperor. Oddly enough, many people have observed that I look a great deal like portraits of the second Emperor, Pedro II.

That, of course, only increased my belief I must be descended from this family. Even after I found proof that, if there is any family link, it must be further back than Pedro I of Brazil, I continued to enjoy celebrating the holiday. This year, the first since my daughter married a Brazilian man, should have seen another private celebration of a holiday most Americans ignore.

Yet somehow, I didn't have the heart to celebrate after reading some of the tributes to those who died five years ago on 9-11. It seemed somehow disrespectful. So I didn't celebrate, and I didn't even write a post to mark the day until it was nearly over. Still, I find I can't forget entirely the holiday I considered my own for so long.

Independincia ou Morte!

diigo it


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