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Monday, September 11, 2006

Please Honour Candace Lee Williams 9-11

I offered to help D. Challener Roe, the originator of the 2,996 Project, research Candace Lee Williams, since he was so busy dealing with the details of the project. I do research for a living, so it seemed I could help in this way. In the process, Candace also earned a very special place in my heart.

Please take the time to read his wonderful tribute to her. And please offer up prayers for her, her family, and her friend Erin. I have gained so much from the work I have done on this project, despite the tears.

And I'd like to take the chance to thank him for coming up with the idea for the project, and for all his hard work and dedication in making it a reality, in spite of a devastating computer crash this past weekend, as well as his illness. I hope you will all stop by and give him your thanks.

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